Looking for an M31 or the like
  • Chase561Chase561 October 2015
    So very recently I became interested in implanting a small magnet in my hand, and I looked around, but I really didn't find any coatings that seemed to have no negative bodily effects (all rejections seem to be user error or incompatibility, the TiN coating seems to have a very very low change of actually damaging tissues.)

    That said, the dangerousthings site hasn't been selling them for a while. I want to know if there is anywhere I can obtain an N52 TiN coated magnet, M31 or similar. 

    I'd appreciate any help. This will be a self implant.
  • Chase561Chase561 November 2015
  • chironexchironex November 2015
    you've come at sort of a weird inbetween time. There was a problem with the manufacture of the magnets so that's cut that supply line. Theres a few different people myself included working on alternatives. Your best bet is to wait a while while things get sorted out. Or go for a shitty alternative, but honestly the wait should be worth it.
  • Chase561Chase561 September 2016
    I just resparked my interest in body mods after talking with a friend. I'm still very keen on implanting an m31, I think an m36 would probably be too big.

    Are there any left over m31's I can buy? Or when dangerousthings will be back in stock again?
  • ChrisBotChrisBot September 2016
    @chase561, check out the sticky thread at the top of the forum
  • Chase561Chase561 September 2016
    I just did. I'm a little disappointed, oh well.

    Can any of you guys vouch for steve haworth's magnets? At this point I'm just interested in actually getting a magnet, and that is the most promising. They're ridiculously expensive but I'd do it out of desperation. 

    The silicone coated ones on stevehaworth.com
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul September 2016
    People have mixed opinions on them because they are autoclaved. They are implant ready and they are expensive. If you are that eager you can't go wrong it's a lot better then some of the other things people are discussing here.

    Basicly you have three choices I know of Steve's, Alex's, amal's. All three are implantable and Steve is (i believe) the only autoclaved. The others are sterilized by other means that will not take away some of the magnetism.
  • Chase561Chase561 September 2016
    Are alex or amal selling? I'd be willing to work out a deal for one of these with either of them. 
  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul September 2016
    They will be. They are in testing. I'm not sure of the status of amal's though. Check out the sticky for a etc for Alex's.
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF September 2016
    My Haworth magnet has outperformed my m31 every single time. They were implanted by the same piercing artist who had experience installing magnets.
    My m31 lost its magnetism after a year and it's far less comfortable since my body formed a callous around it. My Haworth floats freely under thin, pliable skin.
    I've had the Haworth magnet longer than any other implant.

  • BirdMachineBirdMachine September 2016
    Yours lost magnetism too? Interesting! Mine did as well, though I don't see any signs of a breach. Still trying to get around to pulling it, but I have the chemical compounds to test for any breaches after. My paralines, which I got some time before, have also stood up pretty well and continue to serve me well. 

    I'm wondering where the loss of magnetism is coming from. My sides (between Distal and Proximal palmer creases) have been installed for longer, and aren't terribly far away from my index finger, so I'm not sure simply 'repeated use' is the culprit. 
  • Chase561Chase561 September 2016
    Thanks guys, it sounds like the haworth isn't too bad. I think I'll buy one. I appreciate the opinions and posts :D
  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF September 2016
    @BirdMachine, it was disappointing when it stopped working. At first, I was convinced the coating had failed because I felt unusual symptoms but that turned out to be a common cold. I'm convinced the coating is intact.
    Proteus suggested that I try to remagnetize it by rubbing a strong magnet over the surface repeatedly. Has anyone done a remagnetization in vivo?

  • actiiactii October 2016
    Yea I definitely can't pick up a paperclip with my m31 like I could when first implanted, I attributed it to migration and scar tissue from the procedure, let me know if you take yours out I definitely feel it could have lost some strength it's great otherwise