Any UK people?
  • garethnelsonukgarethnelsonuk September 2015
    As the subject says - anyone here based in the UK? I'm in North Wales and would love to organise a meetup with some fellow grinders and possibly work on a project in person.
  • eliskcageeliskcage October 2015
    Hi I'm living in Conwy on a yacht! I've got some great projects off the ground including electric bikes made from soldered laptop batterys. I'm always up for meets and projects as I only work part time.
  • garethnelsonukgarethnelsonuk October 2015
    Nice to see another north wales person here :)

    What are your biohacking-specific interests?
  • eliskcageeliskcage October 2015

    I like to travel light, passport, visa card, shorts, toothbrush toothpaste. So a simple chip would get rid of the passport and visa card. (that's my first desire).

    Secondly a stillsuit (dune) able to collect perspiration, urine, sea water and filter it for reconsumption. The suit would also be sealskin (not from a seal) It's a material that stays dry. They make socks and gloves but really need to make tryathlon wear.

    I follow everything science and tec and I can't wait for oculus rift. Me and my m8 have been messing round with google cardboard. Wales is beautiful, I'm doing all the stuff I should have been doing at 20. a second life is nice round here, I want to go Bodelwyddan surfing, just waiting for my lifeguard qualification back again.
  • FrankFrank October 2015
    London sounding in. 
  • FredFred December 2015
    I'm in Redhill, Surrey. Got an nXT implant and working on some electronics stuff to go with it.
  • plagueisplagueis December 2015
    I'm from London 
  • katykaty January 2016
    London here. Any meetups you guys go to currently?
  • mikemmikem February 2016
    oxford here but i travel all over

  • Plymouth checking in. But, God, I'm far away from everyone else.
  • MVBMVB March 2016
    I'm based in London. 
  • threefoldthreefold March 2016
    I'm based in Scotland
  • CybaCyba March 2016
    New guy from Cardiff, checking in.
  • luik88luik88 March 2016
    London here also. Checking in.
    Interested in AR, VR and in-body technology and their potential impact on society and culture. 
  • AbsKAbsK April 2016
    Brighton, reporting in
    I've ordered a xNTi kit and am having a friend help me with implanting it as soon as it arrives
  • cyberlasscyberlass April 2016
    Are any of you going to the Biohacker Summit on May 21 in London?

    Would you report back on it if so? I'd love to see more cross chatter on the different conferences as well as the local groups. 
  • AbsKAbsK April 2016
    I don't know, that ticket price tag is more than a little expensive. I've applied as a volunteer though, so here's hoping
  • Hi UK People,

    I'm a UK based filmmaker currently exploring biohacking projects. I'd be really keen to speak to some of you about your experiences or planned projects to get a better idea of what's happening and what's possible. If anyone's up for chatting, do please get in touch! Thanks 

  • hey, Plymouth too!

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