Magnets for navigation, is the face wrong?
  • mrPixelsmrPixels August 2015
    So, first off - Hello to you all. New Borg to be (At a point I hope) 

    I've searched the forums (and many other parts of the inter webs) to find if anyone has any experience with magnetic implants in the facial region.

    Sadly I cannot find much.

    -I found some about lip implanting, but most are theoretical and the few that er not are more minded towards "partner sensation" and not "6th sense"

    -I found some about the ear, mostly about the use of magnets as speakers. cool but still not on target.

    -I found something about brain port technology, but that is to far out of the DIY field.

    What I'm searching for is this:

    I'm in possession of 4 m31 magnets and consider to acquire 2 more (tho, if m36 magnets gets back into the market, I may go after those instead) 
    I'm considering getting implants in the brow, the ear loop and maybe an extra set in the brow or in the side of the nose wall.

    There are multiple reasons for the placement, 
    -first of all the main "goal" of these implants are navigation. 

    -I live and work around areas with lots of high power machinery, including but not limited to servers, work station computers, blue screens (that are green) big cameras and other stuff. so there are lots of stuff giving off EMF in some strength or other.

    -I often have to go from really lit rooms to really dark rooms, limiting my sense of sight for short duration of time... duration where I've often walked into stuff my foot was less than happy about hitting....

    -I've had facial piercings before (6-7 year ago), both ear, brow, lips and nose and have never had any rejection or infection issues from this.

    -I do have some limited medical training(army), including injections and training in keeping a field hospitals and equipment sterile (or as sterile as inflatable tents can be)

    -I also have limited sensibility in my fingers, hands and lower left arm due to working with different kinds of materials without the proper protection and cleaning afterwards. this does not limit my motor skills, but still...

    All these things makes me believe the head area may be the best target for me - I do not expect to be able to find N-S-E-W or things like that, but I do hope to be able to at some point get an internal "map" of the EMF at my workplace and maybe even my local area... thus being able to navigate it in the dark or even with closed eyes.

    I Do know that the head, of all things, carry a greater risk. not so much of initial infection or complications, but rather the risk of IF it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. that is why I'm writing here, to hear more... to learn more... especial if anyone have any real experience....

    And I will of course tell you guys everything once/if I get it done....

  • McSTUFFMcSTUFF August 2015
    I don't want to discourage this because I don't know the effects of a facial piercings.
    I work around EM fields, like 2KVA transformers, and I can feel them 10 inches away with two finger magnets. This is not evidence, merely anecdotal observation. The magnets are a Haworth Magnet and an m31. With that small range I don't think navigating around computer equipment is feasible.

    A 2KVA transformer could fit inside a basketball. The coil used to erase magnetic tape in bulk is slightly larger than a softball.
  • mrPixelsmrPixels August 2015
    Hmm... That does seem to be a bit of a "discouraging" fact... (I know that is not how its meant)

    Hmm... so, for comparison... What EM fields do you guys in general feel and at what distance.
    I know I've read:

    -Sub way ventilators (Really strong, but also covered in layers of different materials and at quiet a distance)
    -Microwave ovens (depending on the isolation)
    -2KVA Transformers (10" (approx 25 cm))
    -lap top fans (at less than 1" distance)

    I've read that multiple magnets in grid or array shows little to no difference in the finger, while others report a more "3d" sense with multiple magnets in multiple fingers.
    I hope that spreading magnets out over a bigger but more "stable" surface area may prove to give a bit more "feeling for it"
    But I also hope that the spreading out will help counter the "loss" of sensation from using the less nerve rich areas....

    So, my Pro/Con list so far:
    P- My face is more sensitive than my fingers (important to note for anyone who might want to copy this, this is not the common way around, my nerve endings have been damaged in hands/fingers and forearms. )
    P- the head is more "stable" than the fingers, both in relation to each magnets placement and movement, but also in relation to the central nervous system.
    P- I've had piercings these places before and never had a bad reaction to said piercings.
    C- Really few if any experience with facial implants for sensing EM-fields.
    C- If it goes wrong here, it goes WRONG!
    C- Chances are that most EM-fields will not be strong enough to create enough of a reaction in said implants.

    Any other? Especially experience and/or hard numbers to crunch...
    (so far still in on it....)
  • OniExpressOniExpress August 2015
    A few points...

    1. While the idea that eyebrow piercings will "eventually" grow out/reject is basically nonsense, it's still not a great area in the long-term. You can keep yourself from using a fingertip, but you can't keep yourself from using your eyebrows. Healing is going to be a pain, and the implant may never fully integrate.

    2. There's a rather important nerve running under your eyebrows, and even without the magnet being compromised there's a risk that this could cause pressure an in a worst-case-scenario cause permanent paralysis of that region of your face.

    3. Yeah, a face is always more sensitive than a hand, but I really don't think that you'd be getting a lot of input in this location while going about your business as normal.

    That said, so long as you keep reasonable expectations I can't really see a reason not to try implanting in the lobes of your ears. No, it's not likely to do much of anything, but it's more practical for implantation and the risks are significantly lower.
  • chironexchironex August 2015
    Naw man. The face is strechy as shit. With the right adhesive you'll be able to keep the wound closed long enough to seal shit properly. Also if you use the needle method and are careful, the main hole closes in a day or two usually. So this is doable. I still wouldn't suggest it, but it's doable. 
  • OniExpressOniExpress August 2015
    Well, I wasn't so much concerned with the entry point itself (that's what superglue's made for), but instead the internal healing. It's akin to putting something on the inner bend of one of your knuckles; it's going to shift constantly.
  • mrPixelsmrPixels August 2015
    Sorry for the long wait for a response.... lots of work to be done.

    So... Facial paralysis.... Thats... not something I had considered, but yea, damn that's a big IF... 
    Again, had brow piercings before.. but it was a pro doing them... maybe I should consult him also... keeping to the ears may be the way to go...

    I'll be honest, while the "feeling with the hand" is awesome in it self, it is not near what i search for.. I'd rather have a low, low, low, low subconscious sense constant by using the facial area and ears than a conscious sense by moving my hand over things that "may/might" give off a wave....

    not sure...
  • glimsglims August 2015
    Ok, so we have not addressed the primary issue with this, which is the magnets in the hand things is for reaching out to things. The em sensations fall off really quick, so you're not going to be picking up any sort of navigation abilities with this. The other implant issues are really moot when we just note that using magnets in _any_area_ won't help you navigate anywhere.
  • CassoxCassox September 2015
    I agree. In fact, I placed magnets behind a person's ears at one point. I haven't heard back from her but she was theorizing she might get some kind of directional esque sense. I don't believe she did but I haven't heard from her in a while. I'd also like to hear how well they worked for sound and if she got any bone transduction effect.
  • mrPixelsmrPixels September 2016
    So, long time, no reaction.

    I decided against the facial implantation, at least in the first try! main reason, I did get my magnets over e-bay and was not 100% that they were the correct (read: coated correctly) thing. secondary reason, if its not something anyone know about, I'd not risk it with "unclean" magnets.

    I implanted one in my left middle finger with the help of a tattoo/pircing artist, and sadly it rejected. Tried once more in the ring finger of the same hand. same result.

    So I've discarded those mangnets, and now I'm just hoping cyberise og dangerous things gets some magnets back to the market soon, so I can get the real thing...

    All that said...

    Anyone know about Sevs result for a similar procedure?

    ( from this article )

  • MeanderpaulMeanderpaul September 2016
    Haha yes there's a few people here that know that article quiet well right Jeff.