Community Sat, 24 Jun 17 01:44:32 -0700 Community en-CA 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone Wed, 07 Sep 2016 12:04:01 -0700 McSTUFF 1722@/discussions @Shankt and I started recording a podcast a few months ago. We've started publishing and we'd love if people would listen, and subscribe if it suits you.
We have been discussing issues that relate heavily to the grinder community all the way from noots to our own implants.
This isn't a sponsored show, we're just taking money out of our own pockets to buy equipment and time out of our day to work on it. We don't have commercials or mention products unless we've used them.

We didn't want to promote this show until we had a chance to record a few episodes and today we uploaded to YouTube so please share this if you think it's worth passing on.

Who Are The Founders of the Biohacking and Grinder Movements? Wed, 20 Jul 2016 15:34:15 -0700 TheDiabeticGM 1643@/discussions
I am a journalist in training and would like to do my part in helping the community by writing an article about it; specifically about the rise of real world biohacking and the grinder community itself.  From what I have seen so far it seems like Steve Haworth really blew things up in the 90's and stuff has just exploded from there, but I know there has got to be more folks involved in the creation of communities like this besides Mr. Haworth.  Could anyone point me to some other people who pioneered the technologies and ideologies that have resulted in this, the real world beginnings of the transhuman era?

Talk To Local Folks! Where Are You From? Wanna Start A Collective? Mon, 05 Sep 2016 02:50:47 -0700 TheDiabeticGM 1717@/discussions
But I also wanted to start a thread that would help to accomplish the same goals.  I want to meet ya'll and get to work creating some insane future tech with my fellow transhumanists!  So where are you from?  Let's talk about it.  Are there any groups in your area?  What do they do?  Are they like a social club?  Or are they actively working on things and shun members who don't?  Where are you? What are you up to and what are the groups around you up to?

My name is Trent Ryan Katzenberger aka The Diabetic GameMaster.  I live in Bradenton, FL, USA with my Wife, Hope.  I haven't been able to find any active local communities near me yet, but there has to be SOMETHING.  Bradenton is around an hour South of Tampa and about 2 and a half hours South East of Orlando, so there has gotta be someone doing something neat in this swamp hell, but I have yet to find them.  I have no active projects of my own atm, aside from contributing my knowledge around the boards, although I am very excited to get my first implant soon.  I will be going with either a magnet of a Firefly Tattoo.
Why so many "I have been secretly chipped" threads recently? Sun, 04 Jun 2017 14:13:00 -0700 Rocco8620 2046@/discussions Reverse age by Plasma transfusion Tue, 14 Jun 2016 09:03:10 -0700 JamesX 1597@/discussions
I found this site while using Google to keep up to date on the latest GDF11 and blood plasma ageing research, just curious to see if anyone within these forums is interested in reversing the ageing process ?

What I have discovered so far is that GDF11 does after some conflicting results due to reagent issues appear to be one of (if not the most) important proteins responsible for re-activating the human body to repair itself at a faster rate and hence return one to a more youthful state.

However one thing I am concerned about is, that this is still not absolutely certain and I think there must be a lot more proteins and hormones, etc within young blood that causes one to revert to youthful state, also some proteins/hormones that are increased with age that may need cancelling out in addition to just GDF11 supplements; also and most importantly the latest research suggest the therapeutic dose of GDF11 required to rejuvenate oneself is 0.5mg/Kg which at current prices would be roughly £160,000 per week for 4 weeks of treatment based on frequency of injections and experiment time frame used in the mouse studies.

So attempting to use GDF11 injections in my opinion would be very expensive and most probably not capture all the youthful factors required to healthily revert one to a youthful state, and that is if GDF11 is 100% verified as the master protein responsible for dictating ones age based on it's blood level.

This leaves another alternative which is to obtain Blood Plasma from two volunteers twice per week, at a therapeutic dosage in line with regular plasma treatments which are carried out in Hospitals around the world all the time, so for someone weighing 80Kg this would equate to 1200ml of Plasma twice a week for 4 weeks duration, which in mouse studies was time enough to revert ones age. So each donor would donate 600ml of plasma twice a week and no closer than 48hrs between donations  in line with best practices.

This would ensure whatever is in the young blood plasma is received by the recipient, so as yet unidentified factors would be included; this should be very safe as long as best practices are followed in that the worst case scenario is that it simply does not work... but all available information indicates results would be quick to materialize.

Within the UK as far as I have been able to identify there is nothing illegal about investigating this approach, although it does raise eyebrows when discussed with people who are not educated within the medical profession or have amateur scientific tendencies.

I have educated myself on Haematology processes, Blood/Plasma donation processes, Blood typing and cross matching etc... in fact read everything and anything I can on the internet to assimilate the required information to enable me to proceed with DIY Plasma donation trial to reverse ones age... for example I have a 3 channel Baxter IV pump, all IV supplies, blood matching/typing identification cards, health monitoring equipment, all sterile supplies necessary for safety, and most importantly Plasmapheresis filters rather than centrifugal plasma separation apparatus as it's technically superior and safer.

Technically I'm ready to proceed but have no Plasma donor volunteers, and to be honest I haven't really tried to find any at this stage as I have other projects on the go so am often juggling time between them... I do talk to friends and colleagues about what I am doing but they are all roughly my age, which is 41, so are very interested but not suitable as donors; then I found this site and thought I may as well introduce myself and see what other people are doing and see if there is interest :)

I have opted when the time comes to go the DIY route instead of just buying Blood Plasma which is readily available from suppliers from roughly £97 per 500ml, with suppliers able to provide from age, gender, and either same donor or pooled as required.... this is purely for safety reasons in that it would ensure the risk of contracting viruses would be greatly reduced and confidence of sourcing Plasma from compatible males below or as close to 21yrs old as possible would be ensured.

Male donors only would rule out risk of TRALI reactions as although rare it only happens with female donor Plasma, most importantly there is a lot of examples documented on the Internet going back decades of Plasma sourced from reputable companies actually being contaminated... hence having two named donors on board the experiment would reduce risks greatly compared to sourcing Plasma commercially.

I also think it would be best for donors and recipients to register and perform one Plasma donation at a reputable clinic such as The Red Cross before proceeding as volunteers for such an experiment as this would ensure donor criteria are met and all required tests are completed by the clinic which would ensure safety of the donor and recipient.

I'd be very interested to receive feedback on the above to ascertain peoples opinions on if it's a viable experiment ?

Kind Regards,

open call for open sourced tutorials Sat, 18 Feb 2017 17:54:54 -0800 c00p3r 1949@/discussions CNN story Mon, 08 May 2017 07:27:12 -0700 muhammadCNN 2021@/discussions
I'm a producer with CNN in London. We're doing a story about biohacking and are trying to find people who are just getting started. We'd like to find someone who's just about to have their first procedure done (either a magnet, and RFID etc). We'd also be interested to speak with veterans of biohacking. 

The purpose of the story at the moment is to shed light on the movement, and explore whether it's something that will become more mainstream. 

Many thanks]]>
Transhumanist Party Wed, 08 Mar 2017 14:24:34 -0800 Liamwils404 1972@/discussions Spring 2016 Community Goal 2: site overhaul Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:27:08 -0700 cyberlass 1459@/discussions Spring 2016 Goals 
At Grindfest 02 the group talked about goals for the community.  Themes of “Supportive not competitive” and "More tangible results"

Goal 2: site overhaul
The site needs an overhaul and the work should be done by the community to ensure there isn't a large burden placed on one person.

The full goals doc is here - sign up or add information :D

TUES FEB 21 IS THE NEW WEBSITE GO-LIVE [CROSS-CATEGORY POST] Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:25:33 -0800 cyberlass 1946@/discussions

Note: Your user account will be on new system, BUT you will have to do a password reset.
New to the community Tue, 24 Jan 2017 14:37:31 -0800 MrMadScientist 1912@/discussions Im not one for over the top introductions.
Skill set:
  • Licensed Professional Body Piercer
  • Preformed over 1,000 piercings of various nature
  • Working knowledge of physiology and the effects of body modification. 
  • Studied IT with emphasis on scripting and shell command
  • Amateur inventor 
I am here because this has been an interest of mine for a while now. My main focus is on transdermal electronics and mechanisms. I feel that the technology available has reached a level to achieve much more than just fancy body bling.  

I have many designs i'm working on developing that have the potential to be mainstays of this community. however i am in prelim testing only and require much more data. Needless to say development is a costly and time consuming process. I am reluctant to release these to the public as i have been burned before. And some of the things i'm suggesting are frowned upon within my community. I would like to find willing victims for my science but need to remain semi anonymous. That being said i am in WA state and would need extensive consultation before accepting. 

I would like to start by getting some feedback from the community. IE: personal experiences, trusted purveyors, interests in biohacking. I would also like to know what you would like to be able to achieve through biohacking. If any regulars have input for conduct on the forum and or general info that would be appreciated as well. Help me to help you.

Talking to academia issues? Fri, 28 Oct 2016 10:30:38 -0700 Benbeezy 1802@/discussions
What is a good way to talk to people in the academic world about this stuff? I can't keep it a secret because I am pretty public online already about it and I don't want them to be caught in a weird situation. But when I mention it to people they shy away from helping me with these other projects. They worry that if I have an implant go bad and it somehow gets some press it could be called into question with a heading like "Student doing research under PhD has implant infection". Of course they do not want anything like that happening, and I also don't want anything like that to happen.

Does anyone else do work at a university and have issues? What about people working on labs or any other bio-medical situation?
Just wanted to introduce my self I guess Tue, 29 Nov 2016 07:32:40 -0800 Mr_Night 1845@/discussions Ive just got my first mod October 20th (2016 for anyone looking at this at a alter date). A magnet that i was admittedly going to put in the finger tip but after discussion with the professional doing it (Sammpa Von Cyborg), he recommended the meat of the hand where there is more soft tissue to prevent it from shattering from impacts that would cause one in the fingertip to break. Im very happy with the implant and am able to feel moderately strong fields already. (For anyone reading this who does not have one a microwave @ about 30 cm provides enough sensation its unmistakable but still faint). I had frequently looked at this forum before i was a member and had a great interest in it. I was very worried about doing it my self so I wanted to see a professional do it so that afterwards id have much greater confidence in doing it my self. (im always overly worried about things not going right). He supplied everything and the magnet has a few micron thick coating of (oh i cant recall atm. I think it was a bio compatible hard polymer) which he was adamant that was the best coating to get, as theres less bulk then thicker coatings, and would then be more sensitive and less noticeable. Also it would be less likely to rupture the coating if it was to experience a impact. 

In a few months the scar tissue from the entry of it should be fully dissolved and i hopefully will have more sensitivity then i do now. I cant imagine that though, its great as is but im excited. 

People who get tattoos say they are addicting. After only one small basic magnet implant I feel the need already (its only the end of November) for more Grinding and im wanting more in depth things. Im currently looking at RFID and learning what all i can do with it and how to program it. Hopefully I get the time to learn it quickly and can move down that route. Id also love to see what kinds of things we as people can create and think of.


P.S. the reason i got this for anyone wondering, was not a party trick idea. it was to feel the magnetic world that we cant see. I have a special interest in experiencing the world in more interesting and in depth ways.]]>
Grinders in Europe Wed, 12 Oct 2016 07:11:38 -0700 Matthieu_G 1774@/discussions (sorry for my bad english)

I am a photographer based in Switzerland. I've been working on the transhumanist movement for almost two years. 
My project will be published in a book next year. 

I've visited big labs, met some famous people related to this topic. But the more I work on this project, the more I think that
the grinders are the most interesting community because of it's political dimension: rather than letting majors seize the whole
market, you are creating the DIY solutions that could prevent a gap in the body augmentation context between rich and poor.
The spirit, is different and I like it. 

As you may have guessed, I'd like to meet you. At first, I'm looking for people in Europe. I'll also travel in the US but not before a few months.

You can contact me via the forum or via the mail above if you want to see the pictures I already did for this project.


matthieu.gafsou "at"

Transhumanism/Grinding Discord Server Tue, 08 Nov 2016 10:02:55 -0800 Transhumanist 1815@/discussions Hello everyone,
There is a transhumanism/grinding discord server:

More information about it can be found here:

Discord is a text chat and voice chat so you can actually talk with people from all over the world which is a lot of fun.

Topics are:
  • Futurism
  • Longevity
  • Upcoming science
  • The Singularity
  • Food Supplements
  • Implants
  • Economics of the Future
  • Politic Systems of the Future
  • Biohacking
  • etc.
The politics, and ethics of biohacking Tue, 08 Nov 2016 16:33:16 -0800 Zwytechhacker 1816@/discussions Innovation and the community Mon, 07 Nov 2016 20:15:24 -0800 Zwytechhacker 1814@/discussions CommunityI'm a just an average member of the community and I haven't been here long but I have looked through most of the old post in a search to look for the creator of this site which was an interesting find. But in the more recent posts, I have noticed a startling rise in posts of low quality, and comments of even lower quality. This could be due to a number of things such as my personal bias(can't stand how the site is oversaturated with magnet discussions), lax application processes, a growing uneducated sector of the forum, etc. But I am not sure if I am the only one feeling this and what are others thoughts on the community's progression as a whole.
Another thing that I think needs to be discussed it the stagnation of practical ideas one of my first questions when I entered this community was is there anything that is useful like magnets, RFID/NFC  that are commonly implanted, and the answer now is the same as it was then. I know a few including myself are working on projects but are there any that are easy to get, useful, and practical because at the moment I feel like the community has stagnated when it comes to useful and practical innovation and application. Or we just might be all keeping our research to ourselves 

Project Directory Rough Demo Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:30:27 -0700 BirdMachine 1783@/discussions Any feedback will be exceptionally welcome (and a HUGE thanks to those already providing feedback)!

Meanwhile I've been spending a little time looking into the problem of project documentation. It can be really difficult to keep up with a project as the thread for it continues to grow, and unless the master post is constantly updated, progress can easily be lost & forgotten. Important details might be two, three posts in. Or pages in, even! Took a glance at hackaday and I've been spending some time trying to build a similar site/tool that might be useful for the sort of work we see here! So, I've got a demo up on my testbed!

This is a very rough demo setup, and is still being updated and tweaked by the day, but I'm at a point where I'd like to start soliciting some feedback.

Quick rundown of where things are now:
Projects are a custom post type that include a description, category, tags,  gallery, list of materials (with the ability to link to sources for them!), step by step instructions, press links, resource links, associated project logs, and comments.
I have a co-author system in place, so users can be added to a project. When added, this gives the user ability to edit the Project page, plus post logs regarding it. When users make a new post, they have the opportunity to assign it to any project they're listed on as an update to that project.
The member directory is still in need of some work, but it has a handy dandy map! Supplying this information is 100% optional, and can be as accurate as a full address or as vague as just the country. No more need to post 300 threads figuring out where people are :)
In addition to a member directory / map, I also have a groups/labs system in place. (UPDATE: the link isn't appearing in the dashboard for new users yet, but you can hit to try making a group, meanwhile!) I'd eventually like to tie this in to the projects as well, but for now it's just similar to the member directory except for groups of people. Hopefully this will be useful in finding collectives, labs, and clubs near you!
Lastly I also added an event system. I'm hoping it will make coordination for events like cons a little smoother, with the ability to use the 'ticket' system for roomshare planning an additional benefit. Also useful possibly for groups to hold small events, weekly hacknights, etc.

It looks very rough right now, but most of my wants are with the actual system structure. I'd love to know how you'd feel about putting your projects into this structure.... if there's any sort of meta detailing I've left out that you'd like to have part of a project page or any kind of tweak that would make the system feel more usable. This is in no way meant to be a replacement for any discussions here; instead it's a sister system specifically for documenting projects, and providing a directory for some ongoing work as well as the whos and wheres.
East cost peeps Wed, 19 Aug 2015 05:44:38 -0700 Meanderpaul 1034@/discussions I think we (if there is enough) should get a meet up at some point for those of us who can't travel cross country.
I'm up in southern Maine ]]>
new podcast Wed, 21 Sep 2016 06:47:26 -0700 c00p3r 1744@/discussions So myself and two co-hosts have started a new podcast that is biohacker/grinder based and would invite people to listen and give us some feedback along with possibly joining us for either a news commentary or interview centered recording at some point. feel free to reach out to us if interested at and or]]> A proper first introduction Thu, 29 Sep 2016 08:39:56 -0700 Unlucky_Strikes 1752@/discussions
My name is Shon, 30 year old biologist with a focus in stream ecology, living in Spokane, Washington.

I have always had an interest in sci-fi and dabbled in a lot of the natural sciences. While I was aware of the concept of non medical implants I had no idea that there was a culture of enthusiasts that actively practiced it. As described in my first post here I recently lost all hearing in my left ear, this spurred my vague interest of implants into a hope of becoming an active participant. I look forward to experiencing everyone's ideas and can hopefully help along the way!
A quick introduction from The Netherlands Fri, 22 Apr 2016 04:34:48 -0700 NLmax 1460@/discussions
I'm Max , a 21 year old student from the Netherlands , Europe.
I'd like to apologize for my english as it isn't my first language.

My college gave me a project about " Man vs Machine" and a quick insight in that Biohacking excists.
This sparked my attention so much that I've been researching for days before finding this forum.

I've been really liking the idea of upgrading our bodies to make it better and hope I can help or perhaps design my own implant one day.
Because my attention was sparked by my college , I might be able to use their knowledge and workshop ( think about heavy machinery as CNC-machines etc) to help you all, us, if needed.

So far I haven't been able to find any implanters or biohackers around me, apart from one shop which implants at high costs.
Because of the idea and the small community in the Netherlands( As far as I can find), I'd like to make it grow bigger.
Since the idea came to me through college, Currently I'm trying to get them to fund and gather people to start implanting NFC-chips.

As for now I'm thinking about getting a NFC chip and perhaps a magnet if I can get my hands on one.

Hopefully I can help you and you can help me making better ideas for implants.

Feel free to comment or PM me



Older Grinder in their 50s, 60s, 70s? Tue, 20 Sep 2016 04:23:59 -0700 Clare 1740@/discussions
Looking to Interview Grinders, preferably near NYC Wed, 31 Aug 2016 11:25:16 -0700 SamSlater 1709@/discussions

New England grinder meet ups Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:20:06 -0700 Meanderpaul 979@/discussions
Edited the name of the thread to better show the new approach.]]>
XnT unlock your car/do whatever you want with it Tue, 03 May 2016 20:33:13 -0700 Benbeezy 1497@/discussions So I didn't know of a better way to show people this so I am just making a new post. I have seen people that use their tag to unlock a car, or unlock their house and I wanted to do the same thing. but I didn't know how the hell they were doing it with like custom kits and things. So when looking up how to do it I decided that it all sucks and I wanted to do it my self. So I took my car key fob apart and took the battery and buttons off of it. I then wired the parts for the battery into an arduino with some firmware on it (will put link at the bottom) and a NFC reader from adafruit. I then soldered the button for unlock to be always pushed and I was done. I just needed power and I can now unlock my car by scanning my hand. But the cool thing about this is the firmware I wanted to make something that would scan your hand and do *blank* whatever you wanted! so now we all have firmware that we can put in with existing project that can act as a button press or more a motor, or something like that.

So please check it out and feel free to make your own car unlock system or whatever you want. If you want I would also be willing to make some systems for people so you can look cool in front of your friends.

Wisconsin peeps Sun, 06 Mar 2016 15:36:05 -0800 Meanderpaul 1388@/discussions Spring 2016 Community Goal 3: Start a Local Group Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:12:04 -0700 cyberlass 1457@/discussions Spring 2016 Goals 
At Grindfest 02 the group talked about goals for the community.  Themes of “Supportive not competitive” and "More tangible results"

Goal 3: Local groups
Everyone should try to get a local group started and report back on what work

The full goals doc is here - sign up or add information :D

Spring 2016 Community Goal 1: Write your shit down and share it Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:08:58 -0700 cyberlass 1456@/discussions Spring 2016 Goals 
At Grindfest 02 the group talked about goals for the community.  Themes of “Supportive not competitive” and "More tangible results"

Goal 1: Write your shit down and share it
For the next 6 mo, write your shit down. Share it in a blog, on, in Slack etc al. Get the habit going.
This would be for experiments, skills and techniques, specific procedures, testing material, etc... really anything that contributes to our body of knowledge. 
Project 1: Common writing standard
Project 2: Biohacking journal

The full goals doc is here - sign up or add information :D 
Where should I start? Sat, 23 Apr 2016 18:56:44 -0700 zHotIce011z 1467@/discussions I'm just at the first year of High School, so what do you guys recommend to me to have a base of study and research?

[I'm brazilian, so would be helpful if you give me tips about english errors]